Monday, December 8, 2008


It's winter in Dallas. Sort of.
December is here- I'm finally catching my breath, and the month is practically half gone.

What a fanTAStic weekend:
A Christmas luncheon, winning table, a (first!) bonus, and a half-day off.
Successful first use of power tools in the new nest.
A triple date at my favorite restaurant with two best men and lots of laughs.
A gorgeous film (if a little long) with breathtaking shots galore.
A (frozen!) fun run in honor of a much-loved and much-missed friend.
Major milestone: Blending of newlywedded bank accounts.
Last-minute road trip to attend a suprise engagement party for a certain World-Fascinated, Jeaux-loving, Circus-dwelling dear friend and her True: complete with Andre, Ninfa's, and a beautiful, lovingly made monogrammed cake.
Playing house guest with the Czimskeys, late night secrets, early morning biscuits, and a halftime suprise that may well become a tradition.
Worship at Metro, Storm Chasers finale, hubby-made Thai food, the last of thank-you notes

Newlywedding may not always be this easy, but right now, in this day at least, I am having the time of my life:)

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