Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a Love Story

Well, well, well. It was the wedding of a lifetime, that's for sure...

The rehearsal was chaotic and stressful, but the dinner was a love nest. The boys kept the zingers to a minimum and somehow everybody started out their speech "Hi, I'm ___, and I'm a Pi Phi". Sneaky Satterlee caught my last kiss as a Wilhoit as we said good night.
The wedding party came over afterwards and the girls got at least two sneak peaks- one involving unmentionables, and one involving a long lost treasure from Ben & I's past... We got ready at my parents' home on the morning of the wedding. All the fall leaves held on!
Beautiful Savannah always makes me laugh.
My kijiji. Note Smiller's enjoyment of my veil:)
At the church. Beginning to get quite nervous. Dress and corset unsnapped for breathing room.
Thank you, Satterlee, really, these are priceless.
A tribal prayer. Moments to go.
East Dallas Christian Church was twinkling with candlelight. A dream come true.
Our beautiful flower girl, Olivia, had exactly the same reaction to the bagpiper that I did: bursting into tears:) Even after supermom Stephanie downloaded bagpipe music for her to get used to, it was shockingly loud in the all-marble foyer. She made it almost entirely down the aisle before spotting her Dad up at the piano, and then made a mad dash for him! Adorable.
The kiss; and Best Men John and Aaron.
They put the party in Wedding Party.
Suz snapped the best pic of our big entrance. There are several moments of your own wedding that you never expect. Walking through the lobby and riding up the elevator with Ben, alone, a calm moment before the crazy party, were incredible still, special moments.
Somehow I managed to get out of the church without ever getting my dress bustled. We did our first dance kicking the dress all over the floor, and then I hitched it up and draped it over my arm for my dance with Dad, before Colette and Eden hustled me off to bustle it in the closet!
Magical is the only word that works.
Despite our runaway bankrupt cake baker, the cake turned out perfectly. The quickie stand-in bakery made it even better than I asked. I love how Lindsay got the nighttime view of downtown in this one, as well as two of our favorite gifts: champagne flutes and engraved cake knife.
Cutting a cake is actually very hard, and it gets all over your fingers:) Not that we minded.
We hardly got a respectable "slice". It was really more of a "clump".
Things got pretty rowdy not long after the cake cutting. The Pi Phi's got together for our favorite wedding tradition, Pi Phi Misses, and then in the heat of the moment we sang another, less public, of our favorite songs:)
B pulled me aside right before he tossed the garter with a sneaky idea: "Hey, what if I just turned around and shot it straight at Drew?!" "Go for it."
Dancing my life away.
Let me tell you, we were not, by far, the most enthusiastic on the dance floor. In this pic we're watching Drew & Kenny's dance-a-thon, with special guest appearance by Matt Alexander, hair flopping in the wind.
Sarah dances with all her might:)Best Man and Best Second Mom enjoy themselves thoroughly.
Surreal, magic moment. We stopped in the middle of the tunnel for a little kiss. And tried not to get our hair singed off.
There aren't any words. I think Amanda, my newlywed resource, said it best: You just feel so full.


Susan said...

So happy to be able to share this season with you. And you're so right about the "full" part. Mom

Melanie said...

Katie... u look beautiful. absolutely stunning. so sad we missed it.