Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Neutrals, Neiman's, Advent Echoes, and Peru

Dallas loves our flagship Neiman Marcus. Like our own little 5th Avenue, we wait for the Neiman's holiday windows to be unveiled. '09 windows do not disappoint!

What fun! It's very interesting to read the article about how they created and developed this interactive display around the themes of books and energy - the whole idea was inspired by essays from some local school kids.

On the holiday note, I read a fascinating account today titled Advent Echoes: Checkpoints and Childbirth on a West Bank Winter Night. It's the story of Hani, a West Bank Palestinian Muslim who lives just 23 miles from Bethlehem. The parallels between Jesus' birth and Hani's story of living a persecuted life and the birth of his most recent baby are striking. I was very moved. I believe we need to push Israel harder, as a friend and ally, to address their human rights abuses the same way we must push China harder.

There is a Buckner mission team in Peru right now celebrating Christmas with the least of these - abandoned babies,  teen mothers, special needs kids, and the like. They posted an amazing blog entry today called "Dear Suzy" about a young mom who, when receiving her Christmas package prepared by a church in Dallas, went straight for the card. The card's author wrote about her cat, little details, nothing out of the ordinary - except when she wrote that this young mom was loved by God, precious, special.  The little girl cherishes the letter. She begged a team member to take her photo with the letter.

One of the main things they do on these trips is give each child a new pair of shoes. You, too, can join a trip or host a shoe drive for these precious little ones.

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