Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bienvenidos a Indiana!

What a joyous day this is! Why are we celebrating? Could it be because of the snow at my beloved Baylor?

That is joyful, but today we're thinking of a different reason. All around my office we are celebrating because today, after 7 years in a Guatemalan orphanage, Juan Pablo is coming home. In fact, as I write this, his plane is due to land there in 6 hours, 5 minutes, and 57 seconds. Praise God!

Praise Him for the Wigginses, who fought government red tape for 3 years to bring this little boy into a Forever Family. Praise Him for the loving Guatemalan staff who have cared for JP since he was just an abandoned baby with serious burns, arranging all sorts of special medical care for him including trips to the US. Praise Him for the thousands of mission trip travelers who have visited JP in the Baby Home, holding VBS after VBS, craft after craft, game after game to entertain and love and teach him. Praise Him!

And this is the hardest part - though I rejoice with all my heart for Juan Pablo's new Forever Family, I know the other children in that home, too. Juan Pablo gets to go home, dress up as Spiderman, and spend his first Christmas in Indiana. These are just a few of his friends from the Baby Home. That home is a wonderful, warm place filled with love - but it will never be as good as a family. I know the name of every child in this picture... they are still waiting.

One little girl especially is burned on my heart. Alejandra.

This is Alejandra and Juan Pablo. They are like siblings, having grown up in the Baby Home together. I met her in May, and we were fast friends. I know its terribly grainy, but here's my favorite one of me and Ale.

The love God has for Juan Pablo is no different than His for Alejandra. He had a plan for one, and has plan for her, too.

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