Friday, August 21, 2009

Black walls.

I love black walls. I think they make a room feel glamorous, sophisticated, comforting, and restful. Black walls are for serious rooms- serious working, serious sleeping. Not for distraction-intense rooms, but rooms for focusing.
This afternoon I had coffee with my 1st grade best friend who moved away when we were little. What a delight it was to re-connect and bond over her passion for the Lord and her incredible experiences serving as an intern with Buckner this past summer in Peru.
This Weekend: A List

1. Attend Cork Hunters launch event (very cool new website founded by my husband's close friend. Like a Pandora for wine. Will discuss more soon.)
2. Go to bed early. Already pushing the limits on this one.....
3. Get a haircut. It's been 6+ months. Probably my last one at the FancyShamcySalon. I just can't justify the expense.
4. Go to Leasha's wedding.
5. Catch up with Laura.
6. Take advantage of Texas Tax Free Weekend.
7. See Mamma Mia at Dallas Summer Musicals with my Mamma.

PS. Mountains Beyond Mountains is incredible. Almost done. Read it, stat.

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♥Aubrey said...

I hope you achieved most of your wants this weekend. I GAVE YOU AN AWARD ♥