Friday, July 17, 2009

News roundup.

What's new in the world? Well, 5 minutes watching CNN will give you the latest on Sonia Sotomayor and health care legislation. Lesser known news:

After-school budgets are taking a huge hit as almost every state in the nation racks up huge deficits. States make their 2010 budgets right now, and after-school care is getting decreased. This seems counter-productive and short-sighted to me: for every dollar cut from after-school programs (like the one I visited on Sunday), I can guarantee the state will pay higher costs later in health care, welfare, prisons, courts, etc because of the bad decisions teens and kids make when unsupervised and with nothing productive to do. (Want to give to support private after-school care since the government is slashing budgets?, please.)
A new US immigration policy will grant legal asylum to women from other countries who were suffering serious domestic violence and aren't protected by their own governments. Many countries on this planet do not protect their women from rape, violent beatings, property theft, and other abuse- now, the US is stepping up to become a safe haven for these ladies. Bravo, Immigration Dept! This is the kind of America I want to see.

Michelle Obama's great-great-grandfather was a slave, and geneaologists have now found records as well as the still-standing slave quarters in which he lived on a rice plantation.

Lastly: could this home office be any sassier? What a corporate femme fatale I would feel like in there! That's a West Elm Parsons desk, painted pink, and I love those windows, the peacock lamp, and the monogram. Another West Elm Parsons desk, under my dream dining room painting:
Happy Friday, friends. I'll be off to a getaway in Georgetown if you need me.

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