Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The library: So hot right now.

The American public library system has been around since our country was just days old. Libraries in general stretch back to Persian and even Greco-Roman times.

But man, I'm telling you.

Libraries are so hot right now. The library is the The ultimate Recessionista tool.

Did you know, fellow Dallas citizens (far-flung dear friends, I'm sure its not so different where you are either), that you can walk into any branch, get a card for free in about 45 seconds, and instantly start getting every magazine, book, CD, or DVD that strikes your fancy for absolutely free?

Or, that you can go online, type in the phone number associated with your library card, and request that any magazine, book, CD, or DVD you can think of be sent to the branch nearest to your home? They'll call you when it arrives and you just flounce in and pick it up- gratis.

In theory, I knew this happened already. But in practice, this revolutionizes my life.

Remember how I was interested in Crazy Love yesterday? It's retailing for $11 on Amazon. In the grocery store yesterday, I was inches away from buying the August issues of Vogue and Martha Stewart Living, which retail for about $6 or $7 each. I've also been thinking about buying the DVD of Mad Men, Season 2 (in anticipation of the Season 3 premier next week!), which sells for $25.

Instead, I went to the library and all four things were freezy. Can you imagine how much money we spent in a year on things that are available for free?

For example, did you know at you can get hundreds of titles for free, in PDF form? Especially those of you still in school, most classics are online for free- they have 4,690 copies of The Scarlett Letter.

(Incidentally, read this fascinating article from Vogue about 34-year-old fashionista/top Google Executive Marissa Mayer).


Mrs. Frazier said...

Love this post and loooove the brary...

katie said...

I gotta get me one of those library cards.

p.s. remember when we had all the mischief in the library?

Susan said...

You've always loved the library, ever since you were little! Especially going to "reading hour." Do they have that for adults? :)