Thursday, July 30, 2009

As a young girl I had four black and white photos framed in my bedroom. They had been torn out of magazines, and were all ads. To my delight, I found one on a blog today- this one, by Lillian Bassman! Finally, credit where credit is due!


In other news. Did you know that if you are a man in Gaza, you can beat your 27-year-old daughter, who has five small children of her own, to death with a metal chain in public, and that's ok if you hear her on the phone with a man who isn't her husband?

Or, much closer to home...
Tanning in sunbeds has been declared to be as cancer-causing as cigarettes and asbestos.
I must confess, I went before prom, and before my wedding.... yikes.
Really guys, I'm done forever.
I swear.

Today's fun activity: shopping for baby clothes, accessories, and other accouterments.
For work.
I swear.

My boss is going to Ethiopia next week, and he's taking several suitcases full of aid (around here we call them "bum bags") to the school in Bantu as well as our baby home (where all the children are adoptable and waiting for forever families!). So guess who gets to shop for, and pack, all that baby aid? Yours truly. An amazing assignment.

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Taylor said...

heard that about tanning- scary stuff! have fun shopping!