Friday, June 19, 2009

T-Pain, Taylor Swift, and Planner Day.

How many years will have to pass before I stop defining "the year" as running from August to May? At least one more, apparently.

Yes, friends, its that time again - it's New Planner Day.

Since I started my first planner in 7th grade, there has been a magical day each summer where I go out to search for a shiny new planner to record my year's adventures. I lay out the new planner next to the old one and transfer over all the birthdays, anniversaries, and important info, color-coded, of course.

Main criteria:

1. Lots of space - I like my handwriting.
2. Squares, not columns, for each day.
3. No labeled hours of the day. "Executive planners" have hourly lines from 8-5, leaving zero room for evening activities just a few square centimeters for weekends. No thanks.
4. Labels the year as running from July to July, not January to December.
5. Semi-grownup cover. No more TrapperKeepers for me.

Bonus features:
Inspiring/witty quotes (see below)
Reasonable price (this excludes $60 Franklin Covey scams)
Color red
Built-in bookmark
Last year I saw a delightful Ann Taintor planner - please, for a laugh, go check out her hilarious items at her website. Dilemma - the planner is only January-to-December. Do I wait until January to purchase, or go with a July-to-July one now? However, I did pause a moment when I discovered Ann Taintor's tag line is "Making smart people smile since 1985"....perhaps I will adopt this as my personal motto as well?!
In other news, Taylor Swift and T-Pain made a music video a la "On a Boat" for the CMT awards. It's really funny:

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Suzanne said...

OOooooo a new planner! I love a fresh clean slate! Hope you got some highlighters or fun pens while you were at it!