Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SciAm, and Voice

Please note a new addition to the blog at your right. Help me! Help me to be a Voice for the 145 million orphans in the world. Help me to lift kids from cycles of poverty permanently. Help me to look good in front of my boss! Haha, yes, the success of Voice is related to the success of my career, so please, be a pal and follow the link at right. The button was designed by my talented friend Mason.

Forgive me this week for being a total causehead. Just an occupational hazard of my job.
I've been MIA all week due to extreme volumes of work as we follow up with many new initiatives. Last week we held our biggest event of the year, a seated banquet, reception and program for almost 1,000 people, followed the next morning by an all-day global missions conference. I launched an advocacy group for 20-somethings that's been a dream around my office for almost a year. In the next 4 weeks I'll be in Scottsdale, Guatemala, and Honduras. All joyful occasions.

I love the news. I read news all day. So when I tell you that this is the most interesting article I have read this year, I hope it carries a little weight, or peaks your interest enough to give it 5 minutes of your life. Truly, I am changed.
I put three framed 8x10s up in my bedroom this week.

These were the 5 finalists. Mostly they came from Google image search, but two are from the brilliant Austin Mann. Images are so powerful. I adore this one.

Can you guess which three of these I chose? Here's a hint: one was to represent me, one to represent my husband, and one to represent our new life together.


Amy Sowan said...

the bench the bench!

Amy Sowan said...

wait no thats to represent yalls life together, maybe? the only one im sure of is the man holding the instrument and has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth represents ben haha

Amy Sowan said...
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K said...

little sowan you are correct- the swing is us, the jazz man is ben. Now which one did I pick?