Friday, January 9, 2009


2009 Goals:

1. Tackle my brand new responsibilities with 100% gusto (NB: I went in for a 6-month review at work and was given an entirely new job description, leaning much more toward challenges I was itching to begin).
2. Keep best friends. Many times in my life I have had best friends, but I have had a sorry habit of losing them once changes occurred and I didn't automatically see them daily. I resolve to keep my best friends, near and far.
3. Have a weekly tribe. This one may already be occurring: B and I are in a newlywed small group at Fellowship, our new church. But I also dearly miss my female intense community of the last few years, so....
4. Have an accountability mini-tribe. I think this will take the place of two mentors, one older, one younger. I've been thinking about joining the youth ministry, which might connect me with both a high school student and moms of high school students, which would be the perfect catalyst for mentorship.
5. Begin lifelong traditions. Christmas was a bare-bones affair this year in my world, due to getting married in the middle of it. I want to make traditions. What does my new baby family do for July 4? What do we do on Christmas Eve? How do we spend our Sabbath? Do we actually do Date Night?
6. Have a beautiful, expressive, organized home. This probably will include painting a wall or two in our apt, which is annoying, but will be worth it.
7. Host parties. Dinner, cocktail, holiday, birthday, all varieties.
8. Vacation. I am scheduled to lead a trip to Honduras in June, and hope to visit my brother in Spain next summer. I'd also love to throw in a few weekends closer to home- San Antonio? New Mexico? Maybe Seaside, or Vegas, or Savannah? And we all know I'm dying for Kenya...
9. Volunteer and tithe.
10. Work out. And for goodness sake, I have a free country club membership, including free classes, just by living in my apartment complex, so really I have no excuse.
11. Read. Start a reading list journal of all those book recommendations I'm randomly given.
12. Read the Bible. I've just started Fellowship's Join the Journey , which emails you a portion of Scripture to read each day.
13. Make my money work for me. Get a budget in order, including designated savings for future house and vacations. Get my savings in high-yield accounts.
14. Research grad school, decide on preliminary plan.
15. Be a really good friend to the brides in my life, before, during and after their Big Day.
16. Invest in my marriage. Every day.

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