Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Remember how your parents used to say that when negotiating your curfew? "Nothing good happens after midnight." Well, Mama was wrong.

In fact, when it comes to driving, late night is by far not the least dangerous time to be on the road. This morning in the DMN I read an interesting report about the deadliest times to drive. Can you guess which three-hour piece of the day is deadliest?

3 pm- 6 pm. Rush hour. The next more dangerous time is 6 pm- 9 pm. The very LEAST most dangerous time to drive is midnight- 3 am.

And can you guess the Deadliest 10 Days of the Driving Year?
10. August 4
9. September 2
8. September 1
7. January 1
6. August 3
5. December 22
4. December 24
3. December 23
2. July 3

and the MOST DEADLY day of the year is......
1. July 4

Yikes! Add one item to my bridesmaid-to-do-list: Keep a close eye on the festivities next July to ensure a safe and joyful evening for one special upcoming July 4 Bride.

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katie said...

ahhhh! that is freaky! well party celebrate hard & safely :)