Friday, January 2, 2009

News Flash:

Last night Husband and I went on an impromtu date for Mexican food, my drug of choice. After driving to TWO closed Luna de Noches we found an open Mi Cocina on Preston. We are walking through the lobby, glutted with toddlers in North Faces, and B starts jabbing me in the rib. I turn around to see what in the world he is so excited by, and who do I literally run in to?

Mike Modano. With Willa Ford on his arm.

I feel a special (yet still nonexistant) connection with this couple for two reasons.
First, my husband loves Stars hockey (and thus Mike Modano) more than almost anything. I sincerely try to enjoy this hobby as well, due to my desire to be his "recreational companion" (see Dr. Harley's His Needs Her Needs), but let's be honest, few mere mortals can love hockey as much as B.
Second, my dear friend Coco has seen Willa in her birthday suit (well, since Mrs. Modano appeared in a certain "men's magazine", that is not particularly unique, but Coco's experience was in person, and afterward she had to sign legal papers about it). When the happy couple became engaged, Willa spent an afternoon in the the top bridal salon in Dallas (where my friend was a summer intern) where she found her dream wedding dress. Coco was in the dressing room for several costume changes, thus the nudity.
I'm happy to report that my husband respected Mike & Willa's (since we're so close, I can call them by first names) privacy and did not pester them for an autograph at their booth, but we did happen to be seated nearby so we glanced over every now and then (read: constantly).

Mike had a sangria margarita and nachos.

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