Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We made the brochure!

Stephanie Davis, our wedding photographer extraordinaire, has just created her new promotional materials for 2009- and some of our wedding photos made the cover!

Check it out- she chose my two favorite ones! The engagement photo of us is the one I chose for a frame in my office, and the bridal photo is the one we used for my big portrait print.

Speaking of weddings, can you believe we've had 3 engagements in 3 weeks?! Congratulations to Alli, Colette, and Katie , three beautiful brides-to-be! While being three of my dearest friends, these three are very different, so I can't wait to see their unique personalities and unique love stories splashed all over three joyous Saturdays this summer.Three Circus-dwellers and one honorary wait expectantly for the Katie and Ross' limo to roll down 10th Street.The future Mrs. Dr. R. Franklin Pinson. What a mouthful! I always love the first picture I take with a newly engaged BF, because we are both too shell-shockedly happy to achieve the normal "photo smile", so we just grin like idiots and don't care if it squishes up our eyes.

Colette, YOU ARE THE BRIDE! I say this for two reasons: One, Colette and Luke have, like many of our newly-and-nearlywedded friends, dated for three-plus years, and probably would've already been married for some time now if it weren't for pesky things like graduating, finding a job, choosing a city in which to live, and needing an income. Secondly, Colette is a bride's best friend. At my wedding alone, she photographed the rehearsal dinner, made finishing touches to my hair, consulted on the makeup, and was my on-call go-to girl for about every single decor and floral decision. Once she listened to me talk about my wedding for an entire two-hour drive to Waco. She couldn't be more supportive and creatively talented, and now it is her turn! Coco, I will be looking for ways to serve you!Last but now least, our first Christmas as man and wife began with Christmas Eve festivities at my parents' house. A Merry, Married Christmas indeed!

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