Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get it Archbishop

Dear Design Sponge:
You apparently know about my thing for English Country Houses.
So thanks for the article on them.
Love, Katie

Also, check out the London Times' list of 50 Best Design Blogs.
Several of my favorites got a shout out - Design Sponge, Lobster & Swan, Desire to Inspire.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams was at the Copenhagen climate talks over the last few weeks, leading a charge of Creation-loving Jesus-followers who prayed for the leaders and demanded justice. He delivered a sermon with an amazing quote:
"Love casts out fear. If we begin from the belief that God wants us to rejoice and delight in the created world, our basic attitude to the environment will not be anxiety or the desperate search for ways of controlling it; it will be the excited and hopeful search for understanding it and honouring its goodness and its complex, interdependent beauty.

In this season of Advent, we renew our confident hope that such a future is possible. We give thanks for the Christmas gift of Jesus Christ that has broken through our selfishness and begun the work of our liberation. We reaffirm our conviction and commitment in the name of love; and we say ‘don’t be afraid’ to all who stand uncertainly on the edge of decision. Don’t be afraid; act for the sake of love.

Love casts out fear. The truth is that what is most likely to get us to take the right decisions for our global future is love."

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