Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm skimming through promotional emails, deleting right and left, when this little gem popped out at me....

Last-minute deals from American Airlines
Dallas to Jackson, Mississippi $78
Dallas to McAllen, Texas $78
Dallas to Indianapolis $117
snooze snooze snore, about to delete
Dallas to Des Moines, Iowa $120
Obviously these are on sale because
no one wants to go to these boring cities
(no offense, Des Moinesians)
Dallas to Ft. Walton, Florida $120
reaching for the delete button
Dallas to Paris, France $343

Excuse me, did I just see Dallas to Paris last-minute tickets for $343?
Yes, yes in fact I did.

Just this moment, I added another item to my Bucket List:
Go on last-minute fabulous getaway using week-of flight specials.

And finally....

Oh Yes! The Yes Men strike again. Sorry, Bank of America. You know I love your customer service and my favorite teller Xochil, but you earned it.

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