Monday, October 12, 2009

I wish I was a Yes Man!

Please, for heaven's sake, Please, go read about the Yes Men. I think they are hysterical, and I completely support this kind of truth-telling, using humor to bring attention to really evil things occuring right here. They have a movie currently screening across the country (including Sundance!) called "The Yes Men Fix the World". I wish so badly there was a screening in Dallas! Check the website to see if a screening will take place near you- they're having dozens of them. At the end of each screening, the audience goes and does something crazy. Last week a screening audience in New York went to a Chase Bank around the corner and 'decorated' on the sidewalk outside- except using coal, not chalk. They did this to draw attention to the terribly damaging and unhealthy "mountaintop removal" coal mining practices that Chase is financing in rural American. Truly- go read about the hijinks!

Happy fall, friends.

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