Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have a secret weapon named Ruby.

No, not this kind. No, not this Ruby, either.
For the uninitiated, this is Ruby, the 700 pound woman trying to lose weight and find love on TV.

This is my Ruby secret weapon. Bobbi Brown lip sheer in #6 Ruby.

There is something very feminine and powerful about putting on lipstick.

Ruby brings instant confidence before a big meeting.

In other news, apparently everyone is getting gaga for fall. I object. It is not fall. It is hardly even September, and all good Texans know it is summer here until at least Halloween. I wear shorts on Thanksgiving, people.


I'll consent to a little early season-changing love, because, after all, fall is my favorite season. Some fall inspiration:
Anyone for a late summer picnic? I'll fetch my plaid blanket. While I'm at it, I'll re-do my guest room, straight out of a Ralph Lauren hunting expedition.
No discussion of the change in seasons would be complete without a reminder to keep in our prayers dear Satpack (who moved to Nairobi yesterday), Smiller (moving to Madrid within days), the Philosopher (pining away for Peru), and Dr. & Mrs. Pinson (having no less of a life adjustment in scenic College Station).
These formerly Circus-dwelling Traveling Bears are indeed flinging their green and gold afar as they start new chapters of life in all corners of the globe.

Time for a Ruby re-app and a tasty lunch.


katie said...

you and your power lipstick & power office with a window. you're just so great!

Amy Sowan said...

um hi i'd like the picnic please!!

K said...

Can you imagine what would happen if you wore your power lipstick TO that power fall picnic? Danger. Instant proposal from any man in a five mile radius.

April Lynn said...

That's it!! I'm going to get that lipstick...ASAP.