Friday, September 18, 2009

First Day of Fall

Dark walls. Glam. What incredible textures, especially on that tufted ottoman- what is that, fur? Feathers?

Incredible. Exposed brick and dark and bookcases.

Thank you Suz for posting Inspired Room's "Clean Enough". You could waste your whole life making every inch of your house flawlessly germ-free, but really, "clean enough" will do.

I know that technically the first day of fall isn't until next week. However, TODAY is the first day of fall for me. Here's why:

1. Currently wearing a sweater.
2. Aforementioned sweater is oh-so-fall mustard yellow. I'm practically the color of a grain harvest.
3. I ate chili for lunch. At a legit tailgate/chili cookoff.
4. I'm cheering for my team's first home game this weekend. Sic 'em, Bears!
5. It has rained 11 of the past 18 days, and highs are in the '80s. In Texas, that's practically a freeze.
6. Going on a road trip. In the next 72 hours I'll be in College Station, Houston, and Waco with dearly beloveds.
7. Going to a formal! Is this college again? Am I going to Firedance? Not quite, just a black tie wedding extravaganza starring a former Miss Houston.
8. Drinking hot tea like it's going out of style.

In your weekend free time, do yourself a favor a and please read Kisses from Katie, a blog by a fearless and faithful young woman living in Uganda.


Wade said...

that sounds like a list of greatness. wish i was there

Sarah Satt said...

jealous of fallllll. Its hot here!

please let's talk asap. I miss your face :( And I need to get some updates! Skype me, email me, whatev!

miss you friend!