Sunday, September 27, 2009

Central Market is our playground

We have a little game that has become something of a tradition, and a really fun date.

As I've mentioned before, we have been using a Dave Ramsey-esque cash budget for several categories of purchases such as restaurants, groceries, shopping, lunch money, "fun money" (money you can spend for anything you like, no questions asked), etc.

A few times we have come to the end of the month and had a handful of grocery money left, so we play a little game. We go to Central Market, the swankiest, most high-end, slightly cringe-inducing glut of luxury grocery shopping ever to hit Dallas, Texas.  Here are the rules:

1. We each get a certain amount of cash but not a penny more, and we leave our wallets at home (to avoid temptation).
2. Buy whatever you want.

Our strategies are different. I usually try to buy lots of low-priced items. Ben usually likes to buy one big purchase that is a luxury.

When we played this game a few days ago, the above photo documents our haul. We each had $9 or $10 to spend.

K bought: organic granny smith apples from California, tomato basil soup, Annie's organic cheddar shells 'n' cheese, and authentic English shortbread fingers.

Ben bought: sushi, and organic fancy shmancy ginger ale.

Top it all off with The Internationalist and The Reader (can you guess which of us chose each movie?!), and you have yourselves a Blockbuster Night ladies and gentlemen!


katie said...

ahah love it!! can't wait to play with yall this weekend!

K said...

can't wait to see you too!