Friday, August 7, 2009

Atheists in Megachurch, and Happy Weekend

Yikes. Be forewarned. This article is tough.

An Australian Atheist attended a mega-church near her home and wrote about her experience . It is my worst nightmare. Have I mentioned my love for black and white photography, and pendant lamps?
I ran across a great quote. The article was about a writer who did a social experiment and got his news only from newspapers (no TV or internet news) for a few weeks. His review of the experience ended with these words:
"Ultimately, I think these changes are helping me stay more focused throughout the day on things that are pure, excellent, and beautiful (Phil 4:8), and less on things that are trivial and easily entangle us (Heb.12:1)."
I wish those were my words..... about life in general.

Happy weekend dear ones. Weekend plans:
1. Make green Luna de Noche (my favorite restaurant) salsa with recipe stolen off internet
2. Complete new bulletin board to make visual prayer requests (photos of people I'm praying for, to remind me)
3. Spent a few hours in Excel (I'm the membership officer in my Alta Mater's alumni club and its sign-up time)
4. Read Crazy Love
5. Get oil change
6. Mexican food (see #1) Julie & Julia with mom, brother's girlfriend, and her mom
7. Attend Nathan's '80's themed 28th birthday party
8. Go to the lake for Sunday and Monday!

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