Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy birthday to me.

A major milestone is upon us.....
Today is my one-year anniversary of employment! One year ago I was a clueless little graduate, frantically writing down notes, wandering the halls looking for someone's desk, never understanding the dozens of acronyms bandied about, unable to even locate a simple postage stamp.
I also spent a lot of time running for the DART train.
I've seen the corporate landscaping turn all four seasons (or, who am I kidding?, two seasons- that's all we have in Texas).
I've seen the angry swarm of protesting carpenters go from a giant line of neon-yellow-wearing-vests to a mere tricky of silent sign-holders.
Truly, they are still protesting one year later. Methinks perhaps it would be more effective to go back to work, but I'm no labor expert...I have yet to master the art of lunch preparation. I still eat crap frozen lunches altogether too often. The extra five minutes it would take to throw together a sandwich have proved elusive....

I still dwell here, among the stacks of enviro-unfriendly printed reports. My happy yellow lamp and happy yellow cup and happy yellow mini legal pad greet me each morning, and I've even managed to kick to five-plus-Jolly Ranchers-per-day-from-the-candy-bowl habit.

Very early in my work life, I made two lists: Things To Do in the Spring, and Things to Do in Life. Accomplished items are in bold.

Things to Do in the Spring:
fruity drinks
Easter eggs

Things to Do in Life:
supper club
book club
Bible study
wine tasting
film club
tea parties (does it count if I drink Honey Lemon Green every morning, but its by myself?)

live green (can't decide. I recycle?)

Mixed success. Still early in the game.


My dear friend Laura sent me two quotes from Crazy Love, a book that is rocking her world.

"Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers."

"Lukewarm people do not live by faith. Their lives are structured so they never have to."

Oooohhhh dear. Looks like this intriguing read had just lept to the top of my next-buy list.

Here's to another year! Thank you, Lord, for my job.

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