Monday, July 13, 2009

Everitt camp photos.

Monday night was Howdy night. Here's me with Sydney and Chloe. 5th grade girls are the Ladybugs- please note the headbands:) Below are the 5th and 6th grade girl counselors at the Zip Tower. What a team:) Love them very much.
Here we are after gathering at the church Monday morning. First order of business on Mondays: Learn the chant, and learn their names! Headband-wearing is essential.
Susan, Emily and I at the Zip Tower, wearing our requisite camp uniforms: past years' Children's Ministry tshirts, snap bracelets, headgear, and nametags.
Tuesday night was Fiesta Night. One of these children was diagnosed with Swine Flu this past weekend, let's hope for the best. You'll note the "R card" on the girl in the sombrero- sixth graders' privelege is participating in the raid, and the greatest 6th grade discipline tactic is threatening to "pull your R card", making you unable to do the raid.
5th grade Ladybugs learning their dance for the Big Show to Michael Jackson's "ABC".
All the 5th grade Ladybugs before the Big Show. The hairstyle is a 5th grade tradition. Hoo-ah!
Me, dominating my children on the rec field.
I loooove camp.

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Suzanne said...

Lovvvve these pics! Oh how I miss Mt. Leb and summer fun!!