Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Two very useful abbrevs:
OOC - out of control
OTT - over the top
I've been saying for several years that I think there are two kinds of Christianity, along with two kinds of Islam, Judaism, and every other religion and non-religion too: one of social control and one of social transformation; one to hold people down, one to lift them up ; one an opiate to pacify people into compliance, the other a stimulant to empower people to imagine a better world, a better future, a better life; giving them the courage to live in peaceful defiance of violent, corrupt, and greedy powers-that-be.
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What a week it's been. Let's just make mention of one thing. I call it the "adding insult to injury" category of life. Hint:Oh yes, that's a neon retainer case, folks. Were you to pop into my happy little paper-covered office downtown, you might be able to spot a hot pink little retainer case. Don't wear your post-braces retainer for ten straight years? Well, then you get to wear Invisalign in your roaring 20's. Sweet.

In other news, I have no worthy comments to make that have not already been over-made by the Blogosphere/Commentariat. I've been thinking a lot about Iran. All possible opinions are already out there. I've been thinking a lot about Jon & Kate + 8. Boooring, already covered to the max.

Here's what I do know:

1. My spring has consisted of attending bridal showers. My summer will not consist of attending weddings. 10 weddings between this Saturday and October (which is still summer in Texas). I say this not to diminish the sacred and unique individual relationships and commitments that each wedding represents- each, indeed, will be incredibly special. I have recently printed out a wallet-sized picture of every couple in my life. I feel called by God to pray for the marriages around me. I'm going to make a bulletin board of all the couples and pray for them regularly.

2. It is hot. HOT! Yesterday as I got into my car before work my dashboard thermometer read 90 degrees. At 4:59 that dash read 107. My husband's aunt, a civilian contractor in Iraq, emailed me her base's daily forecast: high of 120 degrees. Oh hell.

3. People in my life have recently returned from travels in Israel, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sierra Leone. I read our overseas interns' blog and drool. A dear friend is about to embark on a honeymoon to Turks & Caicos, followed by a month in New York. Another is headed to six weeks in China and Thailand. Another, a year of backpacking. Two more are headed for months of service in Nairobi and Madrid. I am desperate to go. Anywhere! Get me on a plane, stat.

4. I took myself on a treat last Saturday. I was in Frisco for a bridal shower and had a few hours to spare. Ahhhh.... a free afternoon at Ikea. Going at my own pace, not having to pacify my whining husband, able to take photos of new products and design ideas... it was a great treat. For self-discipline purposes, I left my wallet in the car and took only my camera. I'm still working toward Buy-nothing '09. I love Ikea. The efficiency, the clean lines, the organization, the thoughtfulness (Smalland! Cheap, tasty food in-house! Little pencils and measuring tape at every corner!).
In my dreams, this is where I am, right now.

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