Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't make me take off my puka shell necklace

In the spirit of the last few posts, a video duet for your viewing pleasure......

I hope you get a huge laugh from these- I think I watched them each about 100 times when they blew up in the summer of '07. I was interning in DC and all the Mid-Atlantic wannabe Ivies (you know I'm talking to you... Vandycough....coughUVAcough) played these on repeat for about six weeks straight. I think they are the most clever viral marketing examples I've ever seen.

Yo, yo here my WASPS at?
MV, Martha's Vineyard, holla back!
Haters like to clown our Ivy League education
But they're just jealous cause our families run the nation

We may be vanilla but our labs are chocolate.

The West Coast response is even funnier!

Lipo, collagen, and implants too
My mom looks 24, but she's really 62
We roll in a hybrid when we wanna be green
Send the dog to the groomer in a Hummer limousine
Designer sunglasses that we never take off
Nothing less than 45 spf lip gloss


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