Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring and My Morning Sprint

First, an item I've been wanting to chat about for months, and second, a new development.
One, I have become increasingly convinced that there are few things more satisfying in life than sprinting for - and catching - the train. There are two options for my morning train, the :17 and the :21. If I miss these two, I am l.a.t.e. Oftentimes I am, in fact, running behind, which necessitates my actual running as I sprint toward the train.

My first indication of whether this will be a sprint-inducing morning is whether or not I get caught waiting for the :17 train to cross the street before I even enter the station parking lot. If so, I am in trouble, and will have to make a mad dash for that second train.

I park, look out for muggers, fly across the parking lot, jay-walk (every.single.morning - the crosswalks at my station are not designed efficiently at all), and approach the top of the stairs.

This is where things get exciting.

I have three looong flights of stairs to descend before being on the train platform. If a train comes around the bend while I am on the lowest staircase, I don't even have to run. If it comes when I am on the middle flight, I have to move quickly. But if I hear that train coming through the tunnel when I am on the top flight, I know I will have to sprint at top speed, and, even then, will only catch it by luck and possibly the goodwill of a fellow passenger who sees me flying down the platform and pushes the 'door open' button to give me a few extra seconds to fling myself, out of breath, through the doors.

It also depends on my shoes.

But it I do indeed catch that train, especially if it begins arriving while I am on the top flight, I feel such a huge high, and smile to myself the whole way to my destination.

It was Robert Frost who said that nature's first green is gold, and at my mom's house, at least, he is absolutely correct.
Dropped by my parents' home this Sunday on our way back into town from a weekend away at a wedding, and spent some quality time with Mom's fantastic forsythias. They are so gorgeously vibrant, bright, sunshine yellow, that you just hear God saying about spring, "This was a GREAT idea! Let's do this again!"
Even if you don't happen to have a giant, glorious forsythia in your backyard, you must have noticed the harbinger of spring in Texas, the hot fuschia Redbud blooms. They are always first to go.And you can't POSSIBLY have missed the Bradford Pear, another early bloomer whose arrival I look forward to every year. Though this weekend we may dip back into the 40's, my winter-induced cloudy mood has a turned a corner since these early-adapters have wakened, and I will not be deterred.

Spring is here, warm weather is back!

Bring back the short sleeves! Bring back the Peeps!

Bring back the Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies! Bring back the J Crew swimsuits! Bring back the sandals!

Bring back the summer mission trips! Bring back the snow cones and popsicles!

The Pottery Barn summer catalogue has arrived! Diadeloso is just around the corner! Summer weddings are upon us! Easter is coming- He is Risen, indeed!

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