Friday, March 27, 2009


Being in my wedding apparently had a magical and mysterious, if certainly joyful, side effect. It apparently bestowed near-immediate marriage proposals upon four beautiful friends.

I have been married exactly four months this week. In that four months, four of my best friends watched their beloveds drop to one knee.

Exhibit A: Colette's holiday present was sparkly and emerald-cut. . December brought a walk by the pond and a Christmas proposal from kind and talented Luke. They'll be husband and wife in late July.

Savannah has been engaged for exactly two hours at this present moment. We all received a suprise message this afternoon saying that she has been whisked away by her West Point pilot to Europe. He showed up at her work, drove her straight to the airport without a clue where she was headed, and spent the next two days squiring her around Germany and Austria. Today he proposed at Mirabelle Castle in Salzburg! They'll say "I do" in November.

Exhibit B:
Katie was the first to go. Just one week after we returned from our honeymoon we were on the road, headed to Waco for her suprise engagement at Baylor's historic Herrington House. They rolled down 10th Street in a limo and we ran outside to greet them! Katie and Ross' union will be celebrated with fireworks this July 4.

Sweet little Brittany got engaged to Michael on the California beach where he swore years ago he would one day propose to his future wife. She will walk down the aisle under a canopy of pine trees on a mountain outside Denver this August.

I can't believe it! I could NOT be happier for these four unique, beautiful, joyful friends.

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the kriegels said...

katie-really random, but i knew about your friend savannah's engagement a few weeks ago! a friend of a friend told me about an upcoming engagement involving a west point boyfriend surprising his girlfriend by taking her to austria and germany. this must be it! small world. i hope you and ben are doing well.
jenni walkinshaw kriegel