Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bliss, and Mosquito Annihilation

First we'll handle the ugly (and yet also beautiful) news. To my great delight, this morning CNN features an article about a soon-to-be-unveiled MOSQUITO LASER DESTROYER GUN. This brings me great glee because, as many of you know, I suffer from extreme mosquito attraction and regularly come home from a summer night out with 10-20 new bites. This laser gun kills millions of mosquitoes in just minutes by detecting the audio frequency of their wings, aiming, and burning them to death instantly. It was developed to stop the spread of malaria, which kills an African child every 30 seconds. In tropical areas, the lasers would be mounted on tall poles, ideally ringing a village, creating a sort of mosquito-killing fence around villagers.

Sheeeeeeer delight.

And speaking of sheer delight, http://www.kateryaninc.com/ has delight aplenty. Kate Ryan is an agency that represents some of the top photographers around, including some top lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is different from high-fashion photography in the same way that J. Crew catalogues look different than your typical Vogue spread.

Feast your eyes on summer bliss....
This photo above is particularly heartwarming to me because I recognize it- this is taken on Isla Capri in Italy's Bay of Naples. I spent a week there at the end of my study abroad in Rome, and I speak honestly when I tell you I have never seen a more beautiful setting. The island has four colors only: white walls, lemon yellow, ocean blue, and leafy green. Cliff jumping.
Tat in paradise. Oh, how did this adorable ice cream cart appear during my Mexican vacation?
This time it's Kennedy-meets-Capri, Kennebunkport-meets-Napoli.
Lounging in Capri. The cobalt-and-yellow on display. Such Americana. If only life were a catalogue shoot- adorable children, perfect sunsets, laughing through dinner, vacationing in Capri...
I suspect this post is strongly related to my last...

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