Friday, February 13, 2009

My Love

This week is LOVEly for more than one reason. Yes, Valentines, of course. But more importantly, my husband's birthday!
25 reasons he is amazing, for the 25 years of his life:

25. He runs out in the rain and moves my car when it might hail.
24. He writes me love notes on the mirror in our bathroom.
23. He has developed an entire secret language, known only to us:)
22. He cooks me a hot dinner almost every day.
21. He tolerates my obsessive eco-nazi behavior and helps me stuff everything through the tiny slot in the recycling dumpster.
20. He holds me accountable.
19. He makes me eat healthier. As in, "Katie, chips and salsa is not a real dinner."
18. He tell me I am beautiful all the time.
17. His love language is 'acts of service' and he does more than half the chores in our little apt.
16. He invests in my family.
15. He flemail/flexts me all day at work.
14. He is the hardest worker I have ever known.
13. He forgives me really quickly when I ask.
12. He is a fantastic kisser!
11. He caters to my extreme cold-naturedness without complaining....much:)
10. He is serious about service and leads us in finding ways to work with youth.
9. He makes people feel instantly at ease and comfortable.
8. He is a fabulous host.
7. He loves reading and history- so sexy.
6. He is far more generous than I.
5. He is a loyal brother, son, and grandson.
4. He encourages me to pursue my weird hobbies.
3. He is really good with kids.
2. He lets me wear his favorite his favorite Mr. Snuffleupagus t-shirt all the time.
1. He. loves. me. so. well.
Happy birthday, Husband!

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