Thursday, December 18, 2008

The wedding day lives on.

The long awaited day is here: our WEDDING PHOTOS are in!!
Cake-y fingers
I love that we actually danced all night. Don't let anyone tell you you won't dance at your wedding because you'll be too busy meet & greet-ing.
Pi Phi Misses, Pi Phi Kisses, sweetest of them all. Please note Heather & Hayley, who are Pi Phis from A&M and TCU, looking very confused on the far right:)
Me and mom in our living room.
The money shot. I love looking at everyone's faces.
One of them is a real sister, the rest may as well be.
We sing to each other, its fine.
Beautiful, beautiful bridesmaids.
Our city, at night. We stole this shot from the Czimskeys:)

Don't worry, there are more where that came from. As in, 4 THOUSAND more pics, which I will be getting on a disk in the mail shortly.
Stephanie Davis is a genius. Please, book her asap.

1 comment:

the bowlin family said...

they are amazing. i want to see all 4,000 when you get the disk. call me and i will come over and view with you. thank you again for allowing olivia to be part of your special day. it was amazing and the pictures truly capture that!