Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I need absolutely zero more things in my life that bring me guilt. Therefore, in the spirit of the freedom bought for me at a high price, and a great desire for simplicity and focus on what reallly matters, I FIRMLY resolve to throw off silly chains:

I will feel no guilt for people who left early and consequently I never got to speak to at the wedding.

I will feel no guilt regarding blogs: skimming through my Reader, "marking all as read", etc.

I will feel no guilt about sticking to my holiday-shopping-rejection guns: I do not believe in consumption gluttony, even if we're in a recession. Malls steal my joy, and I will not go.

I will feel no guilt about thank-you notes.

I will feel no guilt about returning gifts I do not like.

I will feel no guilt about not being able to travel far away for weddings, even when I love the person very much.

I will feel no guilt about not being able to join every single member of my family for every single Christmas activity. I am married, people, I have two families now.

I will feel no guilt about not being the perfect Martha Stewart homemaker during this, my first married Christmas, including but not limited to non-participation in the following activities: Christmas lights, having a tree, having darling matching ornaments, baking large quantities, throwing a party, sending Christmas cards, going ice skating, driving around to look at lights, caroling, having adorable holiday-themed centerpieces, hanging stockings, designsponge-worthy wrapping paper jobs, and holiday service projects.

Ahhh that feels better:)


Lauren Madison said...

I love this, Katie. LOVE THIS! Hm, guilt is bad. Freedom is good. Even I feel better after reading this :)

katie said...

i somehow feel more free after reading this too! great thoughts- i'm inspired!

StacyDavis said...

You are very wise for a young woman -- your freedom WAS purchased with a high price. Continue to enjoy it.