Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photographs, Part III (A Mega-Installment)

Friends, I am in LIFE Archive overload. Here, the third and final installment of my found treasures:
Westport, Connecticut, 1940's. Drinks with the girls.
Wedding day, 1962.
Walk-up apartments in New York City. Possible the most glamorous apartments in the whole world to me, with Washington, D.C. walk-ups in a close second. If I were a rich girl...
Treasure hunting. Really. Looks like the Mediterranean- North Africa perhaps?
This is from a 50's photo essay on teen behavior in America. I would wear the center girl's entire outfit today!
Same article on teen behavior. MEMO: Teens like sunbathing! Breaking news!
FURTHER BREAKING NEWS: Teens like telephones! I love her adorable little suitcase.
Stark contrast: Starving in India. Note how even the poorest women in India are bangled-up.
Two thoughts: 1) The caption under this 1946 photo was "spicy playsuit". 2) Hey, remember back when normal-weighted, normal-faced, and normal-heighted girls were models?
1947, the Renaissance woman could multi-task. Check out her awesome fridge.
Sandra White slips on the marble floor at the Oscars. This is the same floor I loved in yesterday's photo of Elizabeth Taylor. I love her fur muff- somebody should bring those back, faux of course.
Driver helps rich mommy out of a Rolls Royce, 1960.
Relaxing, reading. With a Coke, duh.
This next photo may alarm you, but look closely. The 1943 woman is displaying her protective bra while the other models factory safety goggles. There had never been a need for women's protective gear before, so these were innovations when the ladies worked the assembly lines.
Natalie Wood getting ready for the Oscars. In the pictures so far, all the ladies wore white to the Oscars- did they all do that?
1945. Women are working, so in addition to "safety bras" seen above, they needed professional dress. The first women's suits were introduced that year.
A group of Broadway dancers modeled for Vogue shoot called "The Little Red Dress". Get it, girls. Alpha Omega was clearly ahead of the game, as Firedances had already been occurring at Baylor for decades.
Lady cops in London.
Kissing in the 70's. This one's kind of steamy!
Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando with their Oscars.
Whew, what a collection!

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anne said...

i especially appreciate the protective bra.

haha i have LOVED these pictures! more, please!