Monday, November 17, 2008


I am 100% positive that this is what my fiance will look like in 50 years.

I get to marry this amazing fiance in just 5 days. Here are just a few reasons why I am winning the man lottery:

1) He does all the chores. Seriously. This weekend alone, he did laundry, built the Ikea desk, washed all the pots and pans we just got out of storage, took out the trash, installed the shelf, and de-wrinkled the new duvet cover. And now he's talking about cooking us a big dinner one night this week, the busiest week of life. He is such a servant.

2) He thinks I am so very beautiful. I never want to be one of those wives who swats her husband's affections away as if they were pesky- as Beth Moore says, "You can train your man to stop wanting you, but you cannot train a man not to want."

3) He loves in a far less critical, more accepting way than I do, and is such a role model for me in that way. He couldn't care less how you look, or if you are a little rough around the edges- if Ben loves you, he loves you. He is so loyal, and loves with no conditions, and won't stop if you have ugly places in your life.

I love that he is an old soul, and has many old-man tendencies at 24 1/2 :) Please note his old-man swimsuit print and old-man straw hat.

Two final beloved old-man Ben traits:
1. His manners. He still calls my father Mr. W after ten-plus years.
2. On TV he watches three channels: Military, History, and Cooking.

Can't wait to be his wife:)