Thursday, October 16, 2008

Typical to my friends and I in this stage of life: the quarter-life-crisis that comes out of nowhere, such as while driving down 75 in rush hour on the way to get your flu shot (today).

Maybe I should get a Ph. D.? Like this hottie (see below). Maybe I should get a masters degree, and be a lecturer, loving the inspiration of college environs minus the tenure panic attack.
Maybe I should have a couple of kids, Nie Nie style? Be a stay-at-home mom, Stephanie style, loving field trips, play dates, and the craft-y life? Start my Brangelina-esque multi-racial, multi-continent brood, stump for adoption as an essential element of any serious pro-life position, and recruit? Maybe I should be a career woman. Maybe I should be a gypsy nomad and travel the world, Honeymoon With My Brother style? Life is short.
My Bioethics professor and general Life Guru / Master Splinter, Dr. Tran, says that if you do not live an examined and intentional life, you will simply follow the default plan ingrained in you by your family expectations, your small community norms, and the patterns you see repeated in lives around you. An intentional life.... what does that mean, for me? The search to implement this reminds me of a conversation my friends and I have been having for years... searching for "the intentional life" seems similar to yearning in vain for spiritual leadership on the part of our men: We all know we want it, but nobody can exactly pin down what that means, in practice, and where to draw the lines, and what checklist of duties it entails, and how it applies to co-piloting a joint life....


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the bowlin family said...

I got a reference in your blog!! I am honored. I love the blog. Can't wait to add it to my list of "daily reading" and on my blog list. love you Kate!!