Thursday, October 23, 2008

Premiere & ReForm School

Last night I attended a Premiere house party at Eden's. Premiere is a jewelry company founded by the sweet Horner family in Dallas, and, like Avon or Mary Kay, is a great opportunity for lots of moms and young women to support themselves. I wish they had an online catalogue so I could show you their beautiful rings!

You can find these great cards by David Shrigly at my favorite new design shop, ReForm School Rules.

This poster has quite a history. It was originally designed by the British propaganda department during World War II to cheer up and strengthen the resolve of citizens facing the bombing of London. The crown is that of King George, QEII's father.

These adorable cloth mice are actually sachets, filled with organic lavendar. ReForm School also has an amazing library full of books on sustainable design and generally fabulous eco-chic living.

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katie said...

love your blog. you inspired me and therefore introduced me to my new addiction.