Monday, October 27, 2008

King Tut & My Dream House

This weekend B and I went to see King Tut at the DMA! I cannot believe that this empire allowed a 9-year-old to sit on the throne, much less to lead a revolutionary religious overhaul. He changed the gods of the nation. We are very lucky that our leaders have lots of checks on their power, and that we get to choose them.

In other news, I move into our new apartment on Wednesday! I am dreaming of my new home:
I like the idea of pushing several short, wide dressers together on a bedroom wall. Ben currently has one of these Ikea dressers:
So maybe we could buy another and put them side-by-side on a wall?
Secondly, I LOVE this idea, of putting the bookshelves in the dining room. It's like dining in the library, which we all know I would love, since I am obsessed with libraries.

This weekend I also participated in Early Voting, and it was so easy! I have only voted in Waco before, so this was my first time in Dallas County. Two differences:

1) In Waco, the campaign volunteers have to stand a certain distance away. In Dallas, mind you, they can jump up in your face, shove flyers at you, stop you to tell you things about their candidate, and hand you a nail file decorated with Tony Goolsby 's face. What?!

2) In Waco, you get an adorable little "I Voted" sticker.
In Dallas, you do not get this sticker. Even if you ask. I know.
The reason I really needed, not only wanted, this sticker, is that B & I are going to a party on Election Night, and I get in free with the sticker, and now I'll have to take my stamped voter card instead, which is not nearly as cute. If anyone wants to join us, you are welcome to.
This week's wedding to-do's:
-Move into Newlywed Love Nest, set up house
-Choose bridal portrait
-Make stickers for candy bags
-Find perfect color of satin ribbon
-Decide on videographer or not
-Proof wedding program
-Book wedding-day makeup
-Schedule last meeting with florist
-Finish rehearsal dinner slideshow, give to Best Man
26 days to go.

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